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As a construction company our services can be considered as planning, building, designing, altering, maintaining, repairing, erecting, setting up and putting up, establishing, assembling, manufacturing, fabricating, creating and demolitions of structures. We offer specialist services in the following areas:

General Construction

We build structures using masonry, concrete, steel, wood, glass, polymers and composites. Our expertise includes building houses, offices, shops; educational, healthcare, industrial, and religious facilities. We have no regards for size, value or location of the project. Our commitment is to deliver a quality product within budget and on time.


We provide periodic and emergency building maintenance for our clients. Issues can be as small as a clogged sink or as large as a structural damage or service outage. Our staff has a wide base of knowledge and work round the clock.

Plumbing & Water Tank Installations

We install and service pipes, fittings and assemblies of devices required for handling of water, waterborne wastes and gas for households, offices, shopping areas, service centres and industrial parks.We install and service water tanks, pipes, valves, as well as connecting your existing water supply to the water tank

Carpentry & Shop Fitting

We can help you transform your home, retail and office environment by fixing, designing and installing of displays, shelves, cupboards, floors, ceilings, roofs, doors, pelmets, chairs, tables, seats, and many more

Roofing and
Water Proofing

We repair and apply materials that waterproof and/or weatherproof buildings and structures. These materials include concrete tiles, Harvey tiles, clay tiles, natural/synthetic slates, shingles, glass, metal sheets, asbestos, thatch, solar tiles, and specialty roofs.

Electrical & Solar Energy Installations

We design, cable, install and maintain electrical systems for commercial, institutional, and residential buildings.We also install and service solar geysers, solar systems and solar pumps.


We install environmental barriers, and boundary fences of many types. These include plain wire, barbed wire, razor wire, security fencing, and palisade school fencing. Our clients include government motorway projects, schools, institutions, industrial parks, shopping centres, and housing projects.


We paint and decorate buildings and structures in order to improve their aesthetic value and to protect them from damage by water, rust, corrosion, insects and mould.

Civil Works

Our civil works department handles the construction of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, pipelines, water treatment plants, sewer lines and other facilities used by the public or intended for their benefit. We offer specialist services in the following areas:

Road Construction and Bridges

We design and construct roads like access roads, urban roads, and rural schemes. We are able to work as main contractors or as partners on larger design and construct projects, whether frameworks or Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). We have the capacity to deliver tailor-made transport solutions from toll roads to arterial roads, access improvements, walkways, bypasses, bridges and related structures.


We help our clients determine land size and measurements as well as give advice and information to guide the work of engineers, architects and developers.

Sewer & Water Reticulation

We install and service pipes, fittings and assemblies of devices required for handling of water and waterborne wastes for housing projects, and municipalities.

Structural Works & Designs

We design and build structures like high rise buildings, towers, stadia and other specialized facilities.


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